2020 in Review

  • bY Admin 2021-01-01 19:20:10

An exhausting year lies behind us and we let it pass us by once again. The past year started promising. We had found a main team for our CS:GO area shortly before and were excited to see what would happen. But after a short time the good mood got a throttle when the team dissolved again. But it didn't take long and we found new players for a team. But also this team did not last long. In the middle of April we got a strong upswing. We found some helpful people to support us in the management, plus new teams in League of Legends and Rainbow Six: Siege. Unfortunately, the joy there lasted only for a short time and the built up broke after there were problems in the management. Except for two CS:GO teams and a strongly struggling R6:S team, not much remained. After we also had to close the R6:S area, the main team was in danger of breaking up as well. It came as it had to come and we were again without a main team. With the help of previous players we were able to fill the gap again, but only for a limited time. At the same time we got our first international addition. Our Youngstars team was born and still exists today. There were also adjustments, but the core remained. Not so with our main team, there everyone went his own way and the known problem was there again. And again a previous player helped us out, who found a core with a person known to us. After some test games the line-up was ready and training could start. So at the end of the year we are not alone, we have two promising teams on our side. The new year is now at the beginning and this time we don't want to stay only in the cover, also we want to attack. We are looking forward to further work with our teams and thank you for the time we have spent together so far. We wish everyone a happy new year and much success at the upcoming events. The SoulFrost® eSports Management