Action, Tension and Chaos - 99Damage Liga - Week 1&2

  • bY Admin 2020-06-22 15:30:46

After an unfortunate start of the league due to server problems, the start was postponed by one week, which also caused the first match of our community team to be rescheduled.

Week 1

SoulFrost® eSports vs. pain Syndicate

The starting gun was fired on Nuke where in the first ten laps no team gave anything to each other. But it didn't last long with a 5:5, then SoulFrost® eSports grabbed the last five rounds of the first half and so it was a 10:5 to change sides.

Pain Syndicate arrived quite late on the ct side and so the first four rounds went to our main team. With a score of 14:5 Pain Syndicate managed to win two more rounds before SoulFrost® eSports won the first map with 16:7.

On Overpass our Main-Team continued where they left off on Nuke. In the first half SoulFrost® eSports only gave away three rounds after a strong t-side and with a score of 12:3 they also wanted to perform on the ct-side.

The first three rounds in the second half went to Pain Syndicate, but that's all they were supposed to win, because due to a well coordinated ct side of our main team the following rounds went to SoulFrost® eSports. With a 16:6 our main team also won the second map.

SoulFrost® Fun Gamers vs. aLobby

Due to the initial server problems this match was declared null and void and must be repeated.

Week 2

SoulFrost® eSports vs. Senshi Gaming

One of the top games in the group of SoulFrost® eSports was against Senshi Gaming, which was first played on Train and later on Nuke.

Both teams were highly motivated to win this game and so both teams always stayed close to each other. The first half ended with an 8:7 for our main team, which had a hard time on the ct side.

In the first seven rounds of the second half our team proved how well they controlled the t-side and only gave away one round. With a score of 14:8 Senshi Gaming managed to get three more rounds before SoulFrost® eSports played their last two rounds and won the first map with 16:11.

Nuke was the second map where it quickly became clear that SoulFrost® eSports dominated the first half. The sixth round was the first round which Senshi Gaming managed to secure up to a score of 10:1.

With an 11:4 it went into the second half, which was directly claimed by Senshi Gaming. They won nine rounds in a row before SoulFrost® eSports got their first round. But Senshi Gaming quickly equalized this to a 12:12 score. The next four rounds went to our main team and so the second map with a 16:12.

SoulFrost® Fun Gamers vs. schlussmitlustich

This match was sobering and successful at the same time for our community team.

schlussmitlustich had not managed to enter a line-up in the given time and therefore SoulFrost® Fun Gamers won without having played.