After the last failures, victories had to come - 99Damage Liga - Season 16

  • bY Admin 2020-10-16 09:58:06

After the draw in the last match, our Main Team had to win again and our Youngstars Team also needed a win after a defeat.



After the first few rounds it seemed to be a head-to-head duel on Dust 2, but after a 3:3 SoulFrost® eSports found their way on the ct side and managed to get a few rounds in a row. Valkyria won some more rounds before the break, but didn't get beyond a 10:5. The second half was played out quickly as SoulFrost® eSports did not give up a single round and won the first map against Valkyria 16:5.

The second map was Overpass, where Valkyria started on the ct side. But also here SoulFrost® eSports dominated the first half. After a 4:4 they went into the break with a 9:6 score. The second half was a bit more exciting, because Valkyria got a 12:8 to our main team in between, but this was not enough and SoulFrost® eSports also won the second map with 16:9.


That matchday could finally be played, but unfortunately without a broadcast. Therefore we can not give any direct results here.

Our Team SoulFrost® eSports Youngstars needed a win after the last defeat and showed the will to win also against Immortal Rouges Ruby.

The first map was Dust 2 where SoulFrost® eSports Youngstars performed consistently strong and won the first map with a 16:1 score. Also on the second map, Inferno, Immortal Rouges Ruby had no chance and lost this map with a 16:2.