And again it was only two maps - 99Damage Liga - Season 16

  • bY Admin 2020-09-17 07:43:04

Also in week two it was hot again, but again only for our Main Team.

Week 2

SoulFrost® eSports vs. Patek Philippe

Both teams were ready right from the start and fought a close duel on Dust 2. after a few equalisations Patek Philippe managed to take the lead at half time and went to the ct side with a 7:8 ahead of SoulFrost® eSports. In the first rounds of the second half SoulFrost® eSports could not get a single round and so Patek Philippe took the lead with a 7:12. They did not give it back and won the first map with 12:16.

Then it was off to Mirage where Patek Philippe took the lead, but after SoulFrost® eSports equalised to 4:4 there was not much left to do. Our Main Team performed well on the t side and went into the halftime with a 10:5. Right at the beginning of the second half Patek Philippe shortened the gap to 11:8, but after that the rounds failed to materialize and SoulFrost® eSports won the second map with a 16:8

SoulFrost® eSports Youngstars vs. Team Specific

Once again there was no match. This time the mistake lay with Team Specific, as one of their players was not ready in time.