Final Report - 99Damage Liga - Season 15

  • bY Admin 2020-08-02 12:04:36

Here is our final report of the past 99Damage Liga Season.

SoulFrost® eSports

After a successful start into the season and the victories against Pain Syndicate and Senshi Gaming, our Main Team could also hold its ground against the group's favorite team, Senschi Gaming.

The turning point came with the third matchday, where MIGOS.cs did not play. After two unsuccessful games against Ajax Dauerstramm and SUNBURN Academy, which had to be played with a stand-in each, a change in the team was imminent.

z1n had to leave the team, but would have played the next match against Recast Despair. Unfortunately Recast Despair did not play and so some hope came back. Because of the results of the other teams, the team decided not to play the last match due to the current situation and no line-up.

Division 4.37

1.Senschi Gaming8 (151)2 (75)Relegation 3/4
2.Ajax Dauerstramm7 (140)3 (106)Relegation 3/4
3.SUNBURN Academy5 (111)5 (118)Division 4
4.SoulFrost® eSports4 (114)6 (138)Division 4
5.Pain Syndicate4 (101)6 (136)Division 4
6.Cowboys with Lamas2 (84)8 (128)Division 4
7.MIGOS.cs0 (0)0 (0)DSQ
7.Recast Despair0 (0)0 (0)DSQ

SoulFrost® Fun Gamers

Our community team had a hard time finding their way into the games. Due to no fixed line-up and recurring map problems, they were able to get a map in the later game against aLobby. The other teams were getting stronger and stronger, so it rarely got tight and the opponents could win every map.

Again there was a change in the team and some players had to leave the team during the current season. Because of the bad performance and only one won map our community team is at the bottom, but not last. Due to a group with only seven teams and one disqualification below, they were able to keep the division.

Division 5.22

1.sejerlänner bredder wedder8 (153)2 (88)Division 4
2.MAGNETPRO.BE8 (153)2 (92)Division 4
3.Oldies but Goldies Green8 (151)2 (106)Division 5
4.aLobby3 (85)7 (138)Division 5
5.shower with your daddy2 (97)8 (153)Division 5
6.SoulFrost® Fun Gamers1 (92)9 (154)Division 5
7.schlussmitlustich0 (0)0 (0)DSQ