Only one exciting match - 99Damage Liga - Season 16

  • bY Admin 2020-09-08 04:28:00

After an unfavourable start of our Youngstars Team our Main Team could convince with a strong performance in an exciting match.

Week 1

SoulFrost® eSports vs. SFD-Gaming

It became exciting at this meeting, but only on the second map. On Dust 2, SoulFrost® eSports quickly took the lead with a 9:2 score. Later, SFD-Gaming managed to win two more rounds, but at halftime it was 11:4 for our main team.On the t side it ended rather quickly. After another successful three rounds SFD-Gaming was able to win another round, but it was not enough to get much closer and SoulFrost® eSports won the first map with a 16:5.

The second map was much more exciting, because on Mirage SFD-Gaming started on the CT side and took a slight lead. SoulFrost® eSports was able to equalize at the beginning with a 3:3, but gave up more laps in the first half and therefore separated from the opponents with a 6:9.In the second half our main team quickly went up to a 9:9 before a few rounds went to SFD-Gaming. With a 11:15 defeat SoulFrost® eSports could save itself with a strong performance into the overtime and won the match with a 19:16.

So both maps went to our main team.

SoulFrost® eSports Youngstars vs. 40670er

Due to a technical error of one of our players the match could not be played, so 40670er won the match without playing with a 2:0.