Repetition of the first matchday - 99Damage Liga - Week 4

  • bY Admin 2020-07-10 18:24:42

Another week has passed and again only one game could be played, this time by our community team.

Week 4

SoulFrost® eSports vs. Ajax Dauerstramm

A feasible task lay ahead, but our main team had to do it without their IGL.

From the maps it looked quite passable, first on Mirage and then to Overpass. However, it soon became clear that an important component was missing.

SoulFrost® eSports started on the ct side, but could not perform well there. Seven of the first eight rounds went to Ajax Dauerstramm and at the end of the first half it was just 03:12.

On the t side, our main team came a little closer again, but couldn't get more than ten laps. Ajax Dauerstramm had enough time to get their last four rounds and won the first map with a 10:16.

Afterwards it went on Overpass to the point. Both teams started on the other side and punished every mistake.

Alternating round winners gave us a 8:7 at half time and thus an exciting match.

In the second half time the match continued exactly where it had stopped before. But after a score of 9:11 for Ajax Dauestramm our main team SoulFrost® eSports won six rounds in a row and were 15:11 close to victory.

Ajax Dauestramm could still bring the match into overtime and won the match only narrowly with a 17:19.

SoulFrost® Fun Gamers vs. aLobby

The first matchday could finally be played, but unfortunately without a broadcast.

Therefore we can not give any direct results here.

Our Community Team SoulFrost® Fun Gamers was able to hold its own against aLobby on one of the two maps. After Inferno, the second game was played on Dust 2, where both teams split 1:1 according to maps.