The last games in this season - 99Damage Liga - Season 16

  • bY Admin 2020-10-19 04:26:16

The last games of the season were coming up, unfortunately this went more bad than right.

Week 7

SoulFrost® eSports vs. Pandaric eSports

For this match our main team could sadly not build up a line-up and therefore could not compete. Pandaric eSports won 2:0 after maps.

SoulFrost® eSports Youngstars vs. yoghurt and 4 more cool players

This matchday was played, but unfortunately without a broadcast.Therefore we can not give any direct results here.

The first map was Mirage, where the SoulFrost® eSports Youngstars had some problems and lost the first map with 7:16. Also on the second card, Nuke, yoghurt and 4 other cool players performed better and also won this card with a 5:16.