The last matches - 99Damage Liga - Week 5 - 7

  • bY Admin 2020-07-28 16:23:01

The last games in the current season were very unlucky for our teams because of varying line-ups and strong opponents.

Week 5

SoulFrost® eSports vs. SUNBURN Academy

Another game our main team had to play with a substitute and they started on Nuke on the t side. This was also very unsuccessful, because the seventh round was their first. SUNBURN Academy made a strong first half and sent SoulFrost® eSports with a 3:12 to the ct side.

They won the next rounds before SUNBURN Academy entered the first map round with a 7:15. The map rounds lasted very long, because after a great performance of SoulFrost® eSports they went into overtime. This went later with a 16:19 to the opponents.

Next on the schedule was Mirage and both teams stayed on the previous side. This time SoulFrost® eSports managed to get a few rounds, but SUNBURN Academy got the better end of the half time with a 6:9.

On the t side, SUNBURN Academy played too well for SoulFrost® eSports and only gave up one round. Our main team also lost the second map with a 7:15.

SoulFrost® Fun Gamers vs. MAGNETPRO.BE

With not too high expectations our Community Team SoulFrost® Fun Gamers on Train went into a tough match. Quite quickly they were able to take a small lead on the ct side with a 5:2 score, but MAGNETPRO.BE was able to equalize quickly and add another five rounds.

SoulFrost® Fun Gamers entered the second half with a 5:10 score, but only won a few rounds. MAGNETPRO.BE moved on and secured the first map with a 9:16.

They continued on Dust 2, same side selection, similar result. SoulFrost® Fun Gamers didn't get into the match and could only win a few rounds late in the game. MAGNETPRO.BE pulled away quite fast and entered the second half with a 4:11.

After further lost rounds and a score of 6:15, SoulFrost® Fun Gamers came close to a 10:15. Too late, because MAGNETPRO.BE won the next round and therefore also the match with a 10:16.

Week 6

SoulFrost® eSports vs. Recast Despair

Sadly the game could not be played because the Recast team was not ready at the arranged time.

SoulFrost® Fun Gamers vs. shower with your daddy

This matchday was played, but unfortunately without a broadcast.

Therefore we can not give any direct results here.

A seemingly doable challenge for our community team SoulFrost® Fun Gamers was up against shower with your daddy. Unfortunately, they couldn't get enough laps on Inferno or Dust 2, so they lost on both maps.

Week 7

SoulFrost® eSports vs. Cowboys with Lamas

For this match our main team could sadly not build up a line-up and therefore could not compete.

SoulFrost® Fun Gamers vs. Oldies but Goldies Green

This matchday was played, but unfortunately without a broadcast.

Therefore we can not give any direct results here.

Oldies but Goldies Green seemed to be out of our league. Neither on Inferno nor on Train our Community Team SoulFrost® Fun Gamers had a chance and had to provide both maps.