The next week with only one game - 99Damage Liga - Week 3

  • bY Admin 2020-06-28 21:31:18

Another week has passed and again only one game could be played, this time by our community team.

Week 3

SoulFrost® eSports vs. MIGOS.cs

MIGOS.cs could not provide a line-up. For this reason our main team SoulFrost® eSports got a free win and continues the winning series.

SoulFrost® Fun Gamers vs. sejerlänner bredder wedder

Our community team had to prove themselves against sejerlänner bredder wedder.

sejerlänner bredder wedder started on Dust 2 with a strong start on the ct side. The first rounds for SoulFrost® Fun Gamers came with the sixth and ninth rounds, which were the only ones until half time.

SoulFrost® Fun Gamers started with a 2:13 victory on the ct side where they could fight for another six rounds. The remaining rounds went to sejerlänner bredder wedder, who won the first map with an 8:16.

Inferno was next and the pick from our community team, but SoulFrost® Fun Gamers was not on the map. After seven rounds given away to sejerlänner bredder wedder, the eighth and later the twelfth round was won, despite the ct side.

With the same result as on the first map we went on Inferno with a 2:13 to the change of sides. But SoulFrost® Fun Gamers could only delay the victory of sejerlänner bredder wedder for one more round. sejerlänner bredder wedder also won the second map with a 3:16.