The season is coming to an end - 99Damage Liga - Season 16

  • bY Admin 2020-10-18 11:21:16

After a quite calm but quite exciting last week, this week we went against stronger challengers.

Week 6

SoulFrost® eSports vs. VALIANT

This match promised a lot and started unexpectedly on Train with a head-to-head duel. After a 5:5 SoulFrost® eSports could still get the ct side with a 10:5, but the ct side of VALIANT was a little better. Our Main Team could only win another two rounds and lost the first map with 13:16.

To our surprise the second map was Vertigo, where both teams were close together up to a 4:4. But then VALIANT won one round after the other and again secured the ct side with 4:11. After the break SoulFrost® eSports could come closer again to a score of 9:12 before they also had to give up the second map with 12:16.

SoulFrost® eSports Youngstars vs. Sheperd Gaming

Overpass was on the agenda, but after the first two rounds won for our Youngstars team the tables turned and Sheperd Gaming won several rounds in a row. On top of that there was a player change and SoulFrost® eSports Youngstars saved themselves with a 6:9 in the break before they went to the ct side. There they caught up and after a score of 14:9 they won the first map with 16:13.

After that Nuke was followed by another strong ct side from our Youngstars team in which they won the first six rounds. This time Sheperd Gaming saved themselves with a 9:6 into the half time and could still get the next two rounds in the second half. After that SoulFrost® eSports Youngstars made short work and didn't miss a single round. They also won the second map with 16:8.